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I love the people who can handle my reality… 

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— Today is done.

We finally finished filming today.. Editing everything tonight, Keith said it would take an hour but I really doubt that. I almost exploded today trying to get everyone in sync. I had fun but it gets exhausting when people don’t cooperate, but eventually we had to come to an agreement to make the scene work. Im not going to live to see next week… I still have another video due friday with two scripts and a paper… i gotta finish strong. This break is going to be soo sweet! :D

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One last day of filming and we should be done. We are pretty stoked about how this is going to turn out!! We did what we could, but with the little we had I think might work. We have a good mixture of shots. I pretty much took over and became director. Me and the camera ahh what a good feeling. 

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